Disposable 3-ply Surgical Face Mask

Keep your patients and your customers safe with our 3-ply disposable face mask. The mask is made with 3 high-quality layers designed to protect you from dust, germs and infectious disease. Disposable and recyclable, these popular health products are ideal to stay safe in a dusty and populated environment.


  • Skin-friendly, antibacterial, non-woven fabric
  • Moisture proof and non-irritating with ear loops
  • Wire aluminum medical nose clip

Applications: This product is suitable for health care in the general medical environment or for public, consumer use in an environment without the risk of body fluids and splashes


  • Product Name: Disposable Surgical Face Mask
  • Protection Level: EN14683, BFE 95- 9%
  • Material:Non-woven Fabric, High-Efficiency Melt-blown Material
  • Implementation Standard:YY/T 0969-2013 EN14683
  • Certifications: CE, FDA

Packaging & Shipping

  • 50 pieces per box
  • 40 boxes per carton (52 x 42 x 42.5 cm)
  • 1123-125 cartons per PMC pallet(318 x 244 x 160 cm)