Isolation Goggles

Ideal for use in either a laboratory or operating room environment, these goggles can be worn comfortably over eyeglasses and are invaluable in environments where fluid or airborne material may be present.

The wraparound seal guards against debris or splashes from all angles and shielded per OSHA guidelines. They include an anti-fog and anti-glare finish on the lenses for better vision and comfort.


  • Self-adjusting headbands
  • Excellent light filtering without distortion
  • High quality lenses effectively block the impact of liquid splashing
  • Anti-fog and anti-static of both side of the goggles

Applications: Dust isolation, electronic and chemical engineering, mining industry, food processing


  • Product Name: Medical Isolation Goggles-SZDJ
  • Protection Level: Medical protection level
  • Implementation Standard:EN 166:2002
  • Certifications: CE, FDA
  • Components: Eye protector, headbands

Shipping and Packaging

  • 1 piece per bag / 200 bags per carton (55cm x 45cm x 48cm)
  • Gross Weight: 13.60KG/Carton
  • 100-110 cartons per PMC pallet (318 x 244 x 160cm)